A curated selection of DOCUMENTARIES to contemplate the world we live in. 

The Curator:  

A girl (woman?) who makes and binge watches documentaries when she is not trying to break level 84 of Candy Crush (in my defense I started playing a month ago, so in October 2015). And since it is her writing this, I don’t have to write in the third person anymore. 

I am of Moroccan and British citizenships but consider myself neither nor. I once contemplated the possibility of living in Pemba, Tanzania, one of the less visited places on earth, then I reminded myself how much I loved the rest of the world.

An economist and Middle-Eastern historian by education, I stumbled into documentary filmmaking when I decided to make an audio-visual piece on the perception and treatment of rape victims in Morocco. This $7,000 production, originally published for free on Vimeo and Youtube propelled me into the precarious but happy community of documentary filmmakers, TEDx speakers and world questioners. Oh and the best part about making my first documentary was to be part of a civil movement who made enough noise that it succeeded in repealing the law which allowed men accused of rape to marry their victims to avoid prosecution. 

So ultimately, documentaries made me a change believer. I hope to share that with you.